Faery Evidence

Are faeries real?
(Read the book and you’ll find out a whole lot about why many people think they are.)

Perhaps we’ll never know for sure…but you can scroll down to view some of the uncanny images and sounds captured during my faery travels–then decide for yourself!

Faery Flute Music?

Chalice Well Gardens, Glastonbury, England

This audio was captured the night Raven and I spent sitting in the gardens. We were unaware we had captured anything at the time. We were the only people on the grounds that night, and heard nothing audible with our ears. You’ll hear Raven reporting quietly that she is seeing tiny lights.

(Please note that the music captured runs softly in the background [from beginning to end] of this clip. Headphones are recommended to hear it more clearly.)

Faery Photos?

A tiny light appears in a photograph taken the night Raven saw the lights in Glastonbury.

And here are two more!

Coming down Glastonbury Tor, there seemed to be white-colored orbs floating above the grass.

I finally got to see the original Fairy Bridge on the Isle of Man. When I got home and reviewed my photos, I noticed this strange light that appears to be floating underneath the bridge.

Upon closer inspection, it's almost harder to tell what it might be...

What IS that?

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